Why Straighten Teeth?

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Why Straighten Teeth? 

You may wonder, other than looking nice, what are the benefits of straight teeth?  Straight teeth perform chewing, biting, and speaking functions more effectively than crooked teeth.  In addition, teeth that are properly aligned are less susceptible cracking, breaking, and uneven wear. 

There are several main disorders that are associated with misaligned teeth:

Periodontitis – Periodontitis or gum disease begins with a bacterial infection.  The crooks and crannies of crooked teeth are harder to floss and brush, which means that debris, plaque, and bacteria can build up in hard-to-reach areas.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMJ) - Crooked teeth can lead to improper jaw alignment, which in turn causes a painful condition known as TMJ.  Severe headaches, jaw pain, lockjaw and the grinding of teeth are symptoms this debilitating disorder.

Tooth injury – Straight teeth create a strong wall, which means damage to the teeth is less likely to occur.  Crooked teeth have less support from their neighboring teeth and often protrude, making them far more vulnerable to injury.

Uneven wear – Crooked teeth cause some of the teeth to work harder than others when biting and chewing.  Straight teeth share the workload evenly, meaning less risk of injury and better aesthetics.

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