When Should My Child Get An Orthodontic Evaluation?

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When Should My Child Get an Orthodontic Evaluation? 

Children often experience overcrowding of teeth, jaw growth irregularities, protruding teeth and teeth that are too widely spaced.  In order to address these issues before they become larger problems, your child should receive an orthodontic evaluation as early as age seven; however, some children may benefit from preventive orthodontic treatment several years earlier.

Some of the key signs of an orthodontic problem are:

  • Overcrowded, missing, or misaligned teeth 

  • Difficulty chewing and biting

  • Jaws that click, shift or make noise as they move

  • Asymmetry in the face due to disproportionate jaws

  • Finger and thumb sucking

  • Bite misalignment (arches of teeth that do not meet properly)       


If you have questions about when your child should receive orthodontic treatment, please feel free to contact our office at 517-393-8500.

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