Types of Braces

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Types of Braces 

There are two main types of braces available:  removable and fixed devices.  Removable devices can be taken out and placed back in the mouth at any time by the patient.  Fixed devices can only be applied and removed by Dr. Day.

Traditional Fixed Braces

Traditional braces are often more effective, affordable, and expedient than any other type of braces – particularly in the case of a severe malocclusion (incorrect bite).  During application of fixed braces, individual brackets are glued to each tooth and a thin wire is applied to connect the brackets.  With traditional fixed braces, the brackets and the wire apply consistent pressure to the teeth until they are shifted into the correct position.  The braces must checked and modified by Dr. Day at routine appointments to ensure the pressure is appropriate and that the teeth are consistently moving into the correct positions.

Removable Devices

The ClearCorrect® system is a series of removable aligning trays, which gradually reposition the teeth into the correct alignment.  In general, aligning trays are worn for two weeks before they are discarded for trays which fit the new positioning of the teeth.  ClearCorrect® trays can be easily removed for eating and social functions, but must be worn as much as possible for optimal results.  ClearCorrect® can be a convenient type of orthodontics, but it requires commitment from the wearer. 

Removable braces are generally recommended for minor to moderate alignment problems.

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