Care During Orthodontic Treatment

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Care During Orthodontic Treatment 

Taking proper care of braces and following through with care instructions will ensure that you have the most ideal and affordable orthodontic results.

Foods to Avoid

To ensure your comfort for the first few days after the placement of braces, stick to softer foods.  You can introduce firmer foods as the soreness subsides.  However, there are types of foods that should be completely avoided throughout your orthodontic treatment.  These foods can break archwires, displace orthodontic bands, and loosen brackets.  Dr. Day and his team will provide a complete list of foods to avoid, but here are some general examples:

  • Hard Foods – Ice cubes, popcorn kernels, and potato chips

  • Sticky Foods – Taffy, gum, bagels, jerky, caramel, and chewy/hard candy         

  • Sugary Foods – Candy, jam, jelly, chocolate, breath mints, and soda        

  • Firm Foods That You Bite Into – Chicken wings, barbecue ribs, whole apples, and corn on the cob

Preventing Damage During Physical Activity and Athletics

Sports are one of the main causes of dislodged and broken orthodontic appliances.  Special mouth guards that protect braces should be worn every time a patient plays a sport.  Though contact sports, such as football, put orthodontic patients at higher risk for injury, players of non-contact sports may also be susceptible to lip lacerations and snapped archwires.

What Should I do if my Orthodontic Appliance Breaks? 

Braces are ineffective if you have loose bands, loose brackets, or broken archwires.  An appointment should be made with Dr. Day as soon as possible to repair the appliances so that your total orthodontic treatment time is not prolonged.

Commitment to Best Results

Braces require a significant commitment from the patient to work effectively.  It is essential to attend all scheduled orthodontic appointments and follow instructions diligently.  Remember:  the result of committed and effective treatment is a perfect smile!

If you have any questions or concerns about orthodontic care, please feel free to contact our office at 517-393-8500.

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