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Cosmetic Dentistry in Lansing, MI 

People are rarely born with perfect teeth. Moreover, a lifetime of eating and drinking stain-causing foods and beverages cause damage to teeth. At Day Family Dental in Lansing, we offer several restorative cosmetic procedures aimed at improving your teeth and enhancing the appeal of your smile.

Beauty Begins with Health

Dr. Nathan Day provides comprehensive cosmetic solutions to common issues among dental patients in Ingham County. Those having experienced tooth decay, missing teeth, or cracked or chipped teeth can come to Day Family Dental knowing our office provides treatments necessary to repair smiles.

Our cosmetic services include:

    While it is important to focus on the aesthetic results of cosmetic treatments, Dr. Day also takes dental function and health into account to ensure long-lasting, durable enhancements. Dr. Day examines patients’ whole smiles in conjunction with the aesthetic improvements to ensure patients receive comprehensive care.

    Full Mouth Restoration in Ingham County

    Patients requiring complete smile reconstruction can look forward to treatment plans that address missing and damaged teeth. Using incredibly accurate impressions, Day Family Dental supplies reliable partial and full dentures molded to fit the grooves of patients’ gums to establish a firm seal. These custom dentures provide adequate stability when eating or speaking.

    While we refer clients to a local specialist to place dental implants, we restore them efficiently in-office. These implants can be made to provide single-tooth restorations, fixed bridges, over dentures, or complete implant-supported dentures. This method is a reliable alternative to traditional dentures that restore dental health and bolsters function.

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    Day Family Dental helps you achieve your dental goals through reliable cosmetic services that build strong, long-lasting smiles

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